Personal & Medical Emergency

Falls at home are a major cause of injuries and hospitalizations in seniors.

One third of people over the age of 65 fall each year and half of all people 80 years or older fall each year. According to the CDC, falls are also the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma.

Given the choice, most seniors and persons with medical conditions or physical challenges would prefer to live in their own homes and be as independent as they can. That’s not always possible, but for many, this dream can become a reality with the addition of one easy-to-use communications device.

The PERS-2400A (which stands for Personal Emergency Reporting System) connects to your home telephone line and automatically places a call for help whenever you need assistance, any time of the day or night. Family, neighbors, and medical personnel whom you pre-designate are notified immediately, so they can respond. This system has proven dependable enough to meet some very tough standards. It is listed by Underwriters Laboratories as a home healthcare signaling device and a smoke alarm accessory.

The means to activate the system couldn’t be simpler or more reliable. You keep a wireless transmitter with you at all times. In the event of an at-home emergency — any emergency — you press the alarm button, which functions like a TV remote control, to signal the console to automatically call the Emergency Monitoring Center, staffed by trained professionals 24 hours a day. When one of these operators receives your call, he or she notifies the key people whom you preselected to respond in specific situations: family members, neighbors, friends, or appropriate rescue personnel.